Color/Number Sequence Cards


Auditory and Visual Processing Activity 

This versatile set of cards works on both the auditory and visual working memory ability.  Information has to first be brought in and manipulated in an individual’s short-term memory.  After that, the information can be stored in long-term memory.  The set includes 128 cards with numerals 0-9 and ordinal numbers in different colors.  Instructions include basic “games” as well as two variations to make the auditory and visual activities even more challenging.  It is recommended that you play each of the games twice a day for two minutes to increase auditory and visual short-term memory skills.

Importance of Auditory Processing

Increasing auditory processing (short-term memory) enhances ones’ ability to:

  • stay on task
  • follow directions
  • comprehend what is read and said
  • follow conversations
  • think conceptually (understanding the big picture and cause and effect)
  • use the phonics approach to reading

Unfortunately, with today’s emphasis on only developing visual abilities, we are finding more and more people having difficulty in retaining information due to their lack of auditory processing practice!  Poor auditory processing also has a direct correlation to the symptoms on the ADD/ADHD checklist.

What you can’t hold in short term memory cannot be stored in long-term memory, so the Color/Number Sequences are a wonderful exercise for the whole family!  With improved memory learning becomes easier!

Importance of Visual Processing

Considered the same as visual short-term memory

A key sensory input channel for information

Integral part of visual perception

Helps to manipulate visual information in preparation for long-term storage

Used in cognitive thought

This small investment can turn your family’s ability in academics into smiles and enables greater confidence and overall success!


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