Auditory Couplet Sequences


This advanced auditory activity works on working memory.  Information has to first be brought in and manipulated in an individual’s short-term (working) memory.  After that, the information can be stored in long-term memory.

Instructions include basic techniques for this auditory “game”.  The set of cards includes 129 cards with two-word phrases (couplets) on each card.  The cards can be shuffled for thousands of sequence combinations.  Couplets are even more challenging than ACWS words or Auditory Digit Span Cards.  It is recommended that you play the auditory games twice a day for two minutes, leaving at least 10 minutes between each game.  Over time this will significantly increase an individual’s auditory short-term memory skills.  See benefits to increasing auditory processing below.

Importance of Auditory Processing

Increasing auditory processing (short-term memory) enhances ones’ ability to:

  • stay on task
  • follow directions
  • comprehend what is read and said
  • follow conversations
  • think conceptually (understanding the big picture and cause and effect)
  • use the phonics approach to reading

Unfortunately, with today’s emphasis on developing visual abilities, we are finding more and more people having difficulty retaining information due to their lack of auditory processing practice!  Low auditory processing also has a direct correlation to the negative symptoms on the ADD/ADHD checklist.

What you can’t hold in short term memory cannot be stored in long-term memory, so the Couplet Sequences are a wonderful exercise for the whole family!  With improved memory learning becomes easier!


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