We help unorganized brains get organized for learning. We also provide specific stimulation to help new neural pathways form. The program needed to accomplish this is unique to each client and their situation. Our goal is to help each person achieve their maximum potential by preparing them for a lifetime of activity and learning.

Who We Are

We are a team of neurodevelopmentalists who believe you are more than a label (in fact, we don’t even really care about labels beyond their ability to help with communication), more than other people’s perception of you, and more than a diagnosis. We help evaluate each person’s current level of neurodevelopment in each of six areas and recommend a home based program of activities designed to complete incomplete levels and advance to higher levels.

What (in the world) is a Neurodevelopmentalist?

The name is a tongue twister in and of itself. If you look at it, though, you know all the pieces – it’s one who works with the development of the brain. A Neurodevelopmentalist knows the structure and organization of the brain and recognizes its amazing plasticity. The structure is important because milestones correspond to the level of the brain that is developing at that time. Organization matters because it’s hard to retrieve information thrown into an unorganized brain.

The brain is such a unique creation. Its plasticity allows us to go back and pick up milestones that were missed or form new pathways around areas that were damaged. Think of it as an electrician (neurodevelopmentalist) who focuses their energy and attention on rewiring a building (brain). We recommend activities and exercises that will help make new connections in the brain allowing your child to achieve new milestones.

Who We Work With

We work with anyone from babies to the elderly, create a unique profile of each individual’s current development, and then plan specific activities and exercises designed to complete developmental stages or advance to new stages. Whether your child struggles with gross motor, fine motor, language, visual, auditory, or sensory areas, or perhaps you’re an adult who needs some assistance in these areas, we are here for you.