About Us

NeuroConnexions.com carries many of the materials needed to complete a neurodevelopmental program designed by one of the ICAN (International Christian Association of Neurodevelopmentalists) NDs.

What is a neurodevelopmental program?  Your neurodevelopmentalist will evaluate your loved one in 6 areas of neurodevelopment (tactility, auditory, visual, gross motor, fine motor, and expressive language).  They’ll then develop a program of activities for you to complete with your loved one at home over the next four months and train you in how to complete each activity.  After four months, you’ll meet again to re-evaluate, see what gains have been made, and develop a new program of activities to continue moving forward.  ND works at your loved one’s pace to fill in developmental gaps so development can continue naturally.

Contact one of these experienced NDs to start your journey.