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Discuss Sound Therapy with your neurodevelopmentalist or with me before you order.  An audiogram and tympanogram are required before starting.  You also have to fill out some paperwork.  They will also be your best guide about what product(s) best fit the needs of you/your family.

Sound Therapy is a portable listening program to benefit your ears and brain. Listening to this unique, filtered music relieves tinnitus and other ear problems while also enhancing your brain performance.

Sound therapy is effective for:

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STI Pro5xStudio Style Premium, Younger Children's Program, Older Children's Program, Listening Foundations Program, Bible Stories Program, Family Program with Aboriginal Stories, Family Program with Bible Stories, Natural Hearing Improvement Series, Level 2, Building Ear Brain Connections, Natural Hearing Improvement Series, Level 3, Audio Activation, Natural Hearing Improvement Series, Level 4, Listening Pleasure – Full Spectrum, Emotional Intelligence Series, Level 2, Resolve and Release, Emotional Intelligence Series, Level 3, Inner Peace, Sennheiser STIHD500a Large Premium Full Sound Headphones, Sportz Titanium with Mic Bone Conduction Headphones, Sennheiser STIPMX90 Rugged Neckband Headpones (Adult), Moki White Neckband Headphone (Child), Moki Clip On Earphones, Sleep Band, An Introduction to Sound Therapy DVD, Sound Therapy Brochure


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