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Play to Talk is an easy-to-use book that demonstrates a method many parents have used to help their children communicate and learn at home.  Based on 30 years of research with over 1000 families, Play to Talk provides proven guides to help children develop in five areas:  playing interactively, communicating before speech, using language socially, having conversations, and behaving civilly and cooperatively.

Play to Talk guides parents and professionals as they use five proven lifelong communication strategies:  Balance, Match, Respond, Share control, and Be playful.  Many photos illustrate adults and children utilizing these strategies.

The program described in Play to Talk has been successfully tested with neurotypical children as well as ones with autistic features, organic disorders (such as Down Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy), and behavioral disorders as well as children who are late talking for no specific reason.

Play to Talk is parent-friendly.  It illustrates how to make homes the best place for children to communicate.  Parents learn to be developmental partners with their children and professionals learn to be family consultants.

Play to Talk is an enjoyable and optimistic approach for anyone concerned with communicating with children.


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