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Communicate with Your Child addresses the following questions about learning to communicate for children with both typical and delayed development.

  1. What do children need to do before speech and language?
  2. How can parents help children learn to be habitual communicators?
  3. What special problems can interfere with learning to communicate?
  4. What has research revealed about what parents can do to help children with communication problems?

It is a practical book for parents and professionals about helping young children learn to communicate and build social relationships.  Based on the 25 year ECO Language Intervention project, which the senior author directed, it presents easy to use guides for helping children in critical stages of development.  Playing with people, Turntaking and learning to give and take, Communicating first nonverbally, Learning to use language for communication, and Building conversational relationships.

In addition to guides for early development, the book also provides summaries of many years of clinical research on the following special problems in learning to communicate:  Infants at developmental risk, Autism, PPD and Aspergers syndrome, Down Syndrome, Behavior disorders, Early literacy, Understanding speech and Learning to communicate in classrooms.

The particular focus of the book is on how parents can help children communicate through having playful relationships in the home.  It encourages parents to value their power with their child and stresses to professionals the critical importance of including parents in children’s early education and therapy.


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