People often wonder what ages we work with in our neurodevelopmental programs.  Is there such a thing as too young?  Am I too old?

The majority of our clients are school aged children, but ND is in no way limited by age.  Let me introduce you to a few of our clients that illustrate the universal applicability of the neurodevelopmental approach.

C was two months old when his mom and dad were able to start his neurodevelopmental program.  C has Trisomy 21 and at his first reevaluation had made excellent progress.  We have worked with many children in their first year of life.  Cyndi even started working with one family before the baby was born!  These children often have a chromosomal or genetic disorder that is known before or at birth and so are able to start working toward reaching their full potential very early in life.  Being able to start as early as possible is a great gift.

A was a brilliant preschooler who had been kicked out of more than one preschool for behavioral issues when his mom found ND.  Some parents recognize issues when their child is a toddler.  Sensory issues and language delays often show up at this time.  This is a great time to start!

R was a home schooled 7 YO who was off the chart tiny, was struggling a lot with learning, and was so shy she didn’t even look at me the first time we met.  Many of our clients are not able to identify issues until the child is school aged.  At this point delays in academics and behavioral issues are the most common reason people are looking for help.

J is a 20 YO who has struggled her entire life.  She and her parents have diligently tried every option they could find.  She has huge goals and needs help with making learning easier so she can accomplish those goals.  Like many of our clients, J has been compensating in unbelievable ways.  We want to help solve the underlying issues so that she doesn’t have to spend so much time and energy compensating.  Compensating is exhausting!

J found out about ND when he came to an evaluation with his granddaughter.  After attending a seminar to learn more, he asked if he was too old to benefit.  Of course not!  His first evaluation is in a few weeks but he believes he has identified three areas of ND that he needs to work on.

I had a stroke in her mid-80s.  She’s not ready to give up on life, though, and is blessed to live near an amazing neuro center.  She and her daughter go to the center four times a week to work on I’s program and recover as much function as is possible.  She’s doing great.

So, whether you’re expecting a child with a genetic issue, are wondering what is keeping your child from learning typically, or just want to function to your full potential as an adult, neurodevelopment could be a perfect fit.