It Is Up to Me!


This is a student & tutor’s text for use with dyslexics and non-dyslexics by parents, spouses, or friends.  It is a tutor’s book that can be used by anyone who can read this paragraph.  It also contains the student’s response pages.  It is especially good to use to help an older child or adult.  It uses the same basic format as Sequential Spelling 1 except it has the sentences to be read along with the word to be spelled.  Just as in Sequential Spelling 1, the students get to correct their own mistakes immediately.  This way they quickly learn that, “Mistakes are opportunities to learn.”  There are student response pages for the first 60 lessons included in the back of the book as well as listings of all the phonic patterns that need to be taught and a comprehensive listing of the “insane” words from the extremely common was and does to the everyday or any day words such as solder, lingerie, and yacht, to the sophisticated victuals, i.e., lough, and quays.  The difference between It Is Up to Me! and Sequential Spelling 1 lies in the number of sentences used.  Sequential Spelling 1 has sentences only for the first seven lessons as opposed to the first sixty lessons in It Is Up to Me!  The ordering of the word families presented is also slightly different.  It Is Up to Me! is recommended for older children or children who have experienced more frustration with spelling.  It Is Up to Me! builds to hard-seeming words even more quickly than Sequential Spelling 1.  After It Is Up to Me! students are ready for either Sequential Spelling 2 or Sequential Spelling 3.  It Is Up to Me! is great for adult literacy programs.  If an adult literacy tutor has a family member of his student using this program daily with him, the literacy tutor’s weekly or bi-weekly tutoring becomes more than doubly effective because it ensures that between tutoring sessions the student does some reading and writing daily.  It Is Up to Me! is designed to prove to the student that he isn’t dumb.  It Is Up to Me! builds self-confidence as the student learns that he can learn without studying!  This book is the most effective tool AVKO has ever developed to promote literacy skills and develop self-esteem simultaneously.

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