Getting to First Base – Chris Struggles to Read


Sensing you are the only kid in the whole class who can’t read is one of the worst feelings in the world; it certainly was the case for sixth-grader, Chris Wheeler.  Struggling with sensory issues, dealing with bullies, and grappling with his own self-doubt, Getting to First Base – Chris Struggles to Read, is a story which tells how one boy finds his way despite the obstacles.  The crucial element Chris has going for him is the devotion of his parents.  Without their care and involvement in his education, Chris’s underlying sensory problems may not have been realized.  This, in turn, leads them to homeschool Chris and implement a neurodevelopmental home program.  In answer to prayer, Chris gets a new game plan, one that not only helps him learn to read but, best of all, leads him to shine both on and off the ball field.

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