Detailed Reading Comprehension


Detailed Reading Comprehension Detailed Reading Comprehension (DRC) was designed by Jan Bedell, in cooperation with other Neurodevelopmentalists of ICAN, to encourage attention to detail while reading. Detailed Reading Comprehension works on developing and improving understanding that word combinations have very precise meanings, attention to detail, discrimination skills, knowledge of positional words (under, over, in, above, below, etc.), recognizing punctuation symbols (question mark, comma, exclamation mark, period, etc.), processing skills, short-term memory skills, and learning 60 sight words.  DRC includes instructions, 3 colored Picture Response Cards, Viewer Page, Answer Keys, 60 Flash Cards, as well as printable pages on a disk that include 900 Detailed Reading Sentences, Detailed Reading Comprehension Questions and much more. Even beginning readers can benefit from DRC. Only 22 words have to be learned in order to begin the exercise of reading for details to mark a response card correctly. After reading the sentence you have to remember: which grammatical symbol do I make? Does it go above, below, or on the object? Was it the motorcycle or the fish bowl? What size am I to look for? Now what was the color to use to mark the card correctly? Oh my! There are lots of details to remember in DRC!

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