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This audio CD will teach your child to be proficient in counting forward and backward, ordinal numbers and gives experience with counting large numbers. Starting with increments of 5 and then increasing to increments of 10 after reaching the number 20. Very young children will start with counting from 1-5 then 1-10 and tackle the difficult teens by hearing 1-15 and 1-20.  Different track will continue the rote counting proficiency from 1-30 through 1-100. This CD also includes: counting backward from 10, backward from 20, ordinal numbers (1st, 2nd, 3rd,…) and counting to 300. Random counting of 4 and 5 digit numbers are also included so children gain get an understanding of patterns in counting higher numbers. Counting can be fun when there are special sound effects and different intonations to help your child listen intensely. Remember: twice a day for 1-2 minutes is all it takes for mastery. Intensity, Frequency and Short Duration is the key.

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