So often the labels that people put on our kids come with a list of limits or issues we should expect or achievements we shouldn’t expect.

Today I was talking to a new client and I was reminded once again of one of the reasons I love ND so much.  This family has been doing an incredible job with their child and she is right on track academically in spite of a number of labels that would say that’s not possible.  The mom indicated that she wanted to pursue the neurodevelopmental approach because she wants her child to achieve her full potential.

And that’s what we do – regardless of labels or limits people have tried to put on you, we just measure current development and suggest activities that are designed to move you forward.  Sometimes it happens faster than anyone anticipates, sometimes it happens slower than anticipated, and once in awhile it happens slower than anyone wants, but we will fight with you every step of the way for your child to achieve their maximum potential – no limits.