When I started training to be a neurodevelopmentalist, I knew –

  • That I’d be helping families help their child achieve their full potential
  • That kids would learn to read better
  • That memories would improve
  • That kids would learn to talk
  • That haircuts would stop being a battle
  • That I’d get to see hope in the eyes of parents as they realize someone understands what they’re going through and has a plan to find out what issues are causing their child’s delays and then to solve those problems
  • That kids would achieve things no one ever thought were possible and lives and futures would change.

However, I didn’t know –

  • That I would cry with overwhelmed parents
  • That I would pray with and for families
  • That I would see miracles for which there is no medical explanation
  • That I would see the more mundane, everyday miracles achieved by hard work
  • That I would grieve with a family that lost their angel
  • That I would rejoice with kids who achieved things no one thought possible
  • That I would make friends that go far beyond neurodevelopment
  • That it would be SO worth it.