Tyler has had more than his share of challenges in his life but when he was 14 he was blessed to land with the couple he calls Grandma and Grandpa (foster parents).

Fortunately for Tyler, a number of the families in his new family’s church had participated in neurodevelopmental programs with their children and shared ND information with G&G.  In addition to being excited about the concepts of neurodevelopment, G&G were excited that ICAN is a Christian organization.  With Grandpa’s long career in education, they definitely wanted to do everything they could to help Tyler succeed as an adult.

Tyler has now been doing a neurodevelopmental program with Grandma for 3 years and has improved in every tested area.  Not only have his academics improved (his reading level has increased and math is easier), but his confidence level has increased and his ability to make social decisions have improved.  Best of all, though, from Tyler’s standpoint is that after a lot of hard work and studying he has his driver’s license.  Tyler is also strong and a hard worker and so he has been able to get a variety of jobs around town.

Tyler’s Grandma reports that Tyler’s neurodevelopmental program is their homeschool curriculum and that they have been able to turn in documentation of their program to satisfy their state’s homeschooling requirements.  She is very happy with the results of doing program with Tyler, but when pushed she said that the three things she finds most difficult about being on program are:  the long trip they make once every four months for Tyler’s evaluations (they live about 6 hours from the nearest evaluation site), the daily commitment to doing what it takes, and being willing to continue program through the summer.

In typical teenage fashion, Tyler says he likes program, “Pretty much.”

Grandpa wants to emphasize how much they appreciate Cyndi’s professionalism, caring, support, and dedication.  She’s what makes program a success.

The most telling sign of their belief in ND is that after 3 years of doing program with Tyler, G&G are bringing their granddaughter for her first evaluation next month.