My stepdaughter, Taylor Stolz, went through your Can Do program with Cyndi Darling around 2010. I wanted to tell you about her amazing progress she had through Can Do. I never kept Cyndi updated of Taylor’s progress.

Before we started Can Do Taylor was diagnosed as being mentally retarded and had an IQ of 56 to 58. She was in Life Skills at school her entire life. After doing Can Do we noticed drastic improvements in Taylor. Not only intellectually, but in her speech as well. She slurred her speech so bad we could hardly make out what she was saying. After doing Can Do, we could understand her and she doesn’t slur her speech anymore. Her school psychologist told us that people’s IQ’s just don’t change and they always remain the same. After doing Can Do her IQ raised to 74. She we went from mentally retarded to just being learning disabled.

After doing Can Do we started her in Resource Classes, Math and English and History, which she passed. She also did one year of Color Guard at her High School. She presently takes Hip Hop dance classes which she loves. Since doing Can Do, her common sense and cognitive skills have dramatically improved. It seems like the whole thing had a domino effect with her as it improved every area of her life. It drastically improved her ability to be able to communicate with people. It improved her ability to reason and make appropriate decisions. It drastically improved her ability to be more independent. I can’t even fathom what she would still be like had we not done Can Do!

We can’t say enough for Cyndi Darling and Can Do! Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Keep up the amazing work!!


Lisa & Scott Stolz

Kennewick, WA