Addison is an 11 year old girl.  She has been on a neurodevelopmental program for about 5 years.  Addison’s mom was searching for answers for her non-verbal daughter when she found ICAN through Home School Legal Defense Association.  The H family was initially referred to an Associate Level ND who was closest to their home.  As soon as the complications associated with Addison’s situation were recognized, though, they started working with Cyndi, a Master Level ND.

Addison’s family is one of the few but increasing number of families that have been able to get some of the cost of being on a neurodevelopmental program reimbursed through a program in their county.

Even though program is time consuming, she gets tired of arguing with Addison :), and it is difficult to complete program with Addison on top of home schooling her other three kids and all the other responsibilities she has as a wife, mom, and businesswoman, Addison’s mom is thankful for program for so many reasons.  Her favorite thing is that Addison is treated as a unique person with unique abilities and unique needs.

She also loves that labels don’t matter to ND’s.  All clients are evaluated to find their current neurodevelopmental stage and then given activities to move them forward.  In addition, K is thankful that no limits are placed on Addison.  Instead, we just keep working on the activities that will help Addison move forward.  Finally, K is thankful that consistency of effort is what matters in neurodevelopment, not perfection, and that they have seen good progress even when she felt they had had a very bad four months between evaluations.

Addison still has lots of things to work on, but she is much less sensitive in many tactile areas, is much more stable physically, is much more independent, and her ability to communicate improves continuously.  Addison is a delightful young lady who loves to tell stories and we keep working to discover the keys that will let her tell those stories more and more easily.