Addison is an 11 year old girl.  She has been on a neurodevelopmental program for about 5 years.  Addison’s mom was searching for answers for her non-verbal daughter when she found ICAN through Home School Legal Defense Association.

The H family was initially referred to an Associate Level ND who was closest to their home.  As soon as the complications associated with Addison’s situation were recognized, though, they started working with Cyndi, a Master Level ND.

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We took our daughter for a developmental assessment when she was 15. We had noticed some obstacles to learning and retaining that had not resolved over time as we had expected.

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Our 7th child seemed to have trouble with nursing.  He didn’t gain weight, even though it looked like he was nursing normally, and we had visited a number of lactation consultants.  We were eventually able to keep his weight up with pumping and dropper feeding and finally realized that he didn’t know how to make suction with his tongue.

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Micah is a 20 year old with Down Syndrome who has been on a neurodevelopmental program nearly his entire life.  When Micah was born, the W’s were blessed to be informed that early intervention would be helpful.  But what direction should they go?  There was a school that would have been an option for Micah, but his three older siblings were already being home schooled and the W’s wanted to home school Micah as well.

Fortunately, Micah’s Mom saw an article in Teaching Home magazine about neurodevelopment, and their journey began.  These were the not-so-good old days and Micah’s first evaluation was in Utah which was a long way from Ohio.  They were then able to transfer to Detroit and then were instrumental in helping start a branch in their hometown.

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My stepdaughter, Taylor Stolz, went through your Can Do program with Cyndi Darling around 2010. I wanted to tell you about her amazing progress she had through Can Do.

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Tyler has had more than his share of challenges in his life but when he was 14 he was blessed to land with the couple he calls Grandma and Grandpa (foster parents).

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