It All Starts With A Free Consultation

If you’re wondering if NeuroConnexions is the right place for you, or your loved one, it all begins with a free phone consultation. We want to hear what you’ve been through and determine whether our process is a good fit for your needs as we share with you how we help. If we determine together that ND is a good fit for you, we will recommend an evaluation. At the evaluation we will develop a plan of action for you to implement at home. We will support you as you work with your child and adjust your program every four months after we meet for re-evaluations. Come explore what we can do together. Fill in the Free Consultation form (button below). Jen will be in contact to schedule a good time for your free phone consultation.

Would Your Child Benefit From A Neurodevelopmental Program?

We celebrate the uniqueness of every child. That’s why we look at the whole person – because people are more than just a medical label or list of “symptoms” others find difficult to relate to. Children who have been diagnosed with ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Developmental Delay, sensory disorders, behavioral issues, genetic disorders, or traumatic brain injury are just some of who we serve with our tailormade, integrative programs. Your child’s strengths and abilities are just as important as assisting with their challenges.