What is a neurodevelopmental evaluation?

Already it sounds like a test you might be afraid to fail. We understand, but it’s crucial that we look at what milestones and markers your child has mastered and the ones yet to be learned so we can help. We adapt and develop your program based on your child’s unique needs because it’s not about us. It’s all about them.

We normally like to spend some time with the child without the parent initially (although if either the child or parent is uncomfortable with this it can be modified). Depending on the child’s age, we do some academic testing, have them do some physical activities, check their dominance, and look at a number of other developmental areas and stages. We then have the parent come in, explain what we saw and check how that corresponds to their experience, and discuss any and all questions you may have.

We will also review your developmental profile and how it has changed since the last evaluation. After we think through what is happening with your child, we will write up a program of activities and exercises for you to do at home over the next four months. We teach you how to do every activity and tell you where to get anything you need to do the activities.

After four months you come back and the whole process starts over again until all the milestones are met and you graduate from program. Yay!